Align Senior Care 

A boutique plan designed by your community for you

Have you ever thought to yourself…

“I have pain. When will I see my nurse or doctor again?”

“Is it ok that I’m taking so many prescriptions? Do I really need all of them?”

“I keep going to the hospital for minor ailments. This wouldn’t happen if someone caught it early…”

“I feel like a number a instead of a person. I want more attentive visits.”

Bring peace of mind to you and your family


Skip the 3-night hospital stay when you need skilled services

Our preventive care model has proven to lower unnecessary hospitalizations by 35% by allowing members to receive immediate skilled services without a 3-night hospital stay.


Access a PCP in your home as often care needs requires a regular check-up

We operate an on-site, preventive care model. Visit with your PCP as your care plan suggests, instead of waiting for the next round of follow up visits.


Get a dedicated Care Ally to help you and your family navigate our complex healthcare system

We give each member a personal Care Ally for in-person or by-phone service support. This means when you need help with referrals, setting doctor appointment, or getting claims paid – no more waiting on hold for customer service support.

Maximize your Medicare Benefits with Align Senior Care

Why pay a monthly supplement plan premium for services you do not use?
Align Senior Care has a $0 Plan premium with low copays and coinsurance, so you can “pay as you go”.

"Pay as you go" with low out-of-pocket costs

$125 quarterly allowance for over-the-counter items. That's $500 per year!

$0 Deductible for Part A services, like hospitalizations

$0 Deductible for Tier 1 drugs

No 3-night hospital stay required for skilled services

Enhanced on-site primary care + dedicated Care Ally

Post-hospital personal care visits and support

Preventive Dental


Chiropractor and acupuncture visits

Know all your options

Our Medicare Specialists can help you with drug costs comparisons and in-network special reviews.