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To qualify for our services, you must live in one of our participating senior living communities.

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    What does Align Senior Care
    mean for you and your loved one?

    For you.

    Our Care Ally serves as your single point of
    contact between providers and specialists,
    coordinates appointments, supports safe
    transitions from hospital to home, and
    participates in and explains care plans – so
    you dont have to shoulder everything
    on your own.

    For your loved ones.

    We provide coordinated care, ensuring they
    receive the appropriate attention, and
    medications, and safely transition from
    hospital to home – being readily available
    to give them the support they require.

    To qualify, residents must have Medicare Part A + B, and live in one of our participating 
    senior living communities in California, Florida, Michigan or Virginia.

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    Why Medicare Advantage Special Needs Plans
    instead of a Medicare Supplemental Plan?

    Align Senior Care is different from typical Medicare
    Supplemental plans because it is specifically designed for
    people with disabilities, chronic conditions, or dementia.

    Coordinated care teams

    Our dedicated clinical care team
    works closely with you and your
    loved one’s community to create
    a personalized care plan.

    More benefits than
    orignal Medicare

    Our plans help your Medicare
    benefits work better for your
    loved one – giving them more
    when it matters most, like
    dental, hearing, vision,
    podiatry and more.

    Personal on-site Care Ally

    Our local Care Ally helps you
    navigate the caregiving journey by
    coordinating appointments,
    explaining care plans, addressing
    plan benefit questions, and more.

    Enhanced on-site
    primary care

    $0 copay for in-room or
    office visits, plus regular,
    personalized on-site visits
    based on acuity level.

    Expanded network of
    providers with on-site care

    Our providers have expertise
    in managing complex medical
    needs and can often provide
    services in the comfort of
    your loved one’s room.

    drug coverage

    Our plan includes prescription
    drug coverage, ensuring your
    loved one has access to
    medications at an affordable

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