Essential aspects of maintaining good health are illness prevention and early detection. Your healthcare professional, who is familiar with your body and its healthy state, can help you maintain your health and identify potential issues before they become serious. This ensures that you receive the guidance needed to prevent health issues or treat them as soon as possible.

At Align Senior Care, we offer personal healthcare plans that cater to various needs, including quality preventive care and illness management. Our services ensure a smooth and safe transition when living arrangements change. To fully comprehend the concept of preventive care, it’s crucial to understand the benefits that come from taking good care of your health.

Join the experts at Align Senior Care as we explore the concept of preventive care for seniors, its advantages, and how it promotes a healthier lifestyle.

What Is Preventive Care?

Preventive care includes annual check-ups and health screenings for things like high blood pressure, diabetes, and high cholesterol. Immunizations and flu shots are also included in preventive care. Most preventive care services are folded into insurance premiums so that no additional out-of-pocket costs are involved.

Preventive care, or routine care, is the key to preventing illness and detecting medical issues early. This helps to avoid major complications and the excessive costs that can accompany the treatment of advanced health problems.

What’s the Difference Between Preventive Care and Diagnostic Care?

Preventive care includes routine medical services that are performed before you get sick. For example, during an annual check-up, the doctor will check your blood pressure and breathing to make sure nothing out of the ordinary is happening. A yearly flu shot will help you avoid influenza or lessen symptoms should you contract it.

Diagnostic care refers to health services required as the result of a screening or preventive care test. A follow-up mammogram to check for something that showed up during a routine mammogram falls under diagnostic care. Another example is diagnostic testing performed after an abnormal colorectal cancer screening. Diagnostic care may involve out-of-pocket expenses.

What Are Preventive Services?

Preventive services include:

  • Annual check-ups to measure weight and blood pressure and screen for high cholesterol and diabetes
  • Cancer screenings, such as colon, breast, cervical, and prostate
  • Adult immunizations
  • Yearly flu shots
  • Consultations about health concerns, nutrition, and weight

Preventive care measures help identify potential issues before they fully develop.

What Benefits Does Preventive Care Offer?

The primary purpose of preventive care is to help you stay as healthy as possible. Benefits include:

  • Early detection of illnesses and diseases so professionals can administer proactive care and treatment as soon as possible
  • Help with staying focused on health goals
  • No extra costs as preventive care is part of health coverage

Preventive care is the proactive way to stay in control of your health.

Take Advantage of the Preventive Care Services Offered by Align Senior Care

Align Senior Care helps solve the challenges faced by seniors in gaining access to healthcare benefits. We educate members and their loved ones on developing care plans specific to their needs, and we assist in scheduling appointments. We work with all member providers to monitor health, coordinate visits, arrange transportation, and obtain any necessary referrals.

We provide full-service primary care and clinical support for residents of continuing-care retirement communities, long-term care communities, assisted living communities, and skilled nursing facilities. We also offer our members tailored care plans, medication reviews, and diagnostic testing for early detection. This helps avoid unnecessary hospital visits.

To join Align Senior Care, potential members must already have Medicare Parts A & B. Unlike basic Medicare Advantage Plans, our plan is a Special Needs Plan (SNP). Members receive their complete Medicare Part A and Part B coverage, as well as Part D prescription drug coverage. Additional benefits may include personal care services, chiropractic care, and direct admittance to skilled care.

For more information about our preventive healthcare services, contact Align Senior Care

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