Align Senior Care

The right plan makes all the difference

Experience enhanced senior living community support with a Medicare Advantage Special Needs Plan you can rely on.

Centralized clinical point of contact

Leave the hassle behind – you’ll have a personal Nurse Practitioner and Care Ally to help take care of communication, appointment planning, transitional care support, and collaborative care among your healthcare providers.

Everything traditional Medicare has, plus more

Experience enhanced ancillary benefits and services that go beyond the ordinary. You’ll continue to be able to access the same benefits of Part A and Part B Medicare.

Over-the-counter allowance

Hearing + hearing aid allowance

Wellness programs + grocery allowance


Memory care support and services

Non-emergency transportation for health appointments

Vision + eyewear allowance

Prescription Drug Plan

Dental + dental allowance

Preventive care + health monitoring

*Not all benefits are available for all products. Please contact a Medicare Benefits Consultant to learn what is available in your area.

Health plan

We’re more than a health plan

Receive care in the comfort of your home

As a member, you’ll have access to additional services that complement your care plan and allow you to receive more on-site care in the comfort of your senior living community. Together, we aim to detect and prevent unexpected health issues, from medication tracking to overall high-touch care. We’re committed to providing better quality outcomes for you and your loved ones.

Benefit from a care team that doesn’t miss a beat

At the heart of our health plan is a dedicated Nurse Practitioner and Care Ally.

Unlike most providers, our patient load is low. What does that mean for you? More care, more time at appointments, and more availability to help you navigate the healthcare system.

Your nurse practitioner will:

Complement and communicate with the primary care group-led services

Participate in the facility care plan meetings

Conduct routine monthly rounding visits with an emphasis on wellness and preventative care

Perform Transition of Care Management visits

Ensure medications are safely working together and eliminate overlap

Your Care Ally will:

Serve as a bridge between all your healthcare providers to ensure seamless communication and cohesive care

Participate in and explain care plans

Help coordinate specialist appointments

Ensure smooth and safe transitions from hospital to home

Offer quick support handling plan benefits

Conduct an annual Health Risk Assessment (HRA) to understand your care needs

Our Clinical Success Stories

  • quote

    quoteHaving a Care Ally is like having your own private medical advocate! Align Senior Care made it easy to order over-the-counter items. We were given a special debit card which paid for all these extra necessities that regular Medicare does not pay for. I did not have to worry about parts A, B, and D since everything comes as one statement. And, if my mother needs any medical needs, like UTI screenings or just a checkup, they will come to her. Align Senior Care suits the needs of aging parents

    – Plan Member’s Daughter

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How much does Align Senior Care cost per month?

Costs for an Align Senior Care plan vary based on state, plan type, and coverage selected. No monthly premiums exceed $41.00 a month for 2024. On average, members save $1965 a year compared to original Medicare

I already have an established care team and health plan I trust. Why would I want to enroll in Align Senior Care?

We’re so happy that you have a care team that you trust. The best part about Align Senior Care is that we will not replace your care team—we partner with them and provide you with extra resources on your health journey.

Who is part of the care team?

As a member of Align Senior Care, you’ll have access to our Nurse Practitioners and Care Allies, who provide additional oversight of your health. Our Nurse Practitioners will see you in your community frequently. Your Care Ally can help support you in making appointments, answering questions about your plan, and more.

I have Original Medicare and a Medicare Supplement. What happens if I enroll in Align Senior Care?

When you enroll in Align Senior Care, we will become the primary payer of Medicare-covered services, including any prescription drugs you may take.

Do I get to keep my Medicare Part B?

Yes! You must be enrolled in Medicare Parts A and B to be eligible to enroll in a Medicare Special Needs Plan like Align Senior Care. You will keep your Medicare Part B as an Align Senior Care member and will continue to pay your Medicare Part B monthly premium.

Can I still visit my current PCP?

Yes, Align Senior Care has a network of providers, but members can see out of network providers.

For assisted and independent living residents or clinic patients: Yes, our clinical support team will communicate information about your visit(s) with your primary care provider’s office. We want to ensure clear communication so your entire care team is aware of any changes to your care or treatment plan.

For skilled nursing and long-term care residents: Yes, upon discharge you will be given your discharge summary and orders. You can schedule your follow-up appointment with your primary care provider within two weeks of your discharge. Be sure to take your discharge paperwork with you!

Where can I get a list of in-network providers?

You can find a list of in-network providers by visiting

Will Align Senior Care cover my prescriptions?

Align Senior Care includes Part D prescription coverage for members. Your prescription coverage will vary based on the type of drug you are prescribed. Each year, a list of covered drugs (called a “formulary”) will be published with information about covered prescriptions and more information about prescription coverage.

Who can enroll in Align Senior Care? When is enrollment open?

Future members must live in our service area and meet any requirements for a health plan, like having a specific health diagnosis or eligibility to receive long-term care. Future members must also be enrolled in Medicare Part A and Part B.

Enrollment is open any time! You can enroll at any point of the year and Align Senior Care will start the first of the following month. Example: If you enroll in March, you benefits will start April 1.

Who is Align Senior care?

Align Senior Care is a health plan designed with senior living residents in mind. Our plans cater to seniors and their specific health needs. Align Senior Care members receive additional ancillary benefits that are not covered by Original Medicare.